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Blessings…Sometimes we inadvertently ignore them and migrate toward the negative things that are happening in our lives. But, if you dig your heals in deep, really deep and go to an introspective place within you  (especially if you are despondent), you can find blessings that will help you flip your unhappiness to, dare I say it:  joy!

After making a list of all of the disappointments and curve balls life has given me, I decided to write a gratitude list. Of course I wrote about my children, husband, family, friends, other loved ones, but then I thought deeper into the other less apparent, but equally important things that run through my life on a day to day basis and provide guidance, happiness and substance.

Take a moment.  Here are a couple of mine to help as thought-starters:

  • Catching a beautiful sunset
  • Watching someone that is disabled or elderly being helped by another or, better yet, by you
  • Having one of your favorite songs come on the radio when you are feeling a bit down and out
  • The perfect cup of coffee, made just the way you like it
  • Laughing out loud, especially if it makes tears stream down your face or better yet if you snort – love that!
  • Witnessing someone you care for that has been struggling begin to turn the corner and become positive and hopeful

Please share some of the blessings that you might not normally think about with me so we can build upon and encourage each other to see more of the gifts life has to offer.

Rosie Mankes

Rosie is a Certified International Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Two-Time cancer survivor. She dedicates her time to helping others find a path to success by drawing from her personal and professional expertise and creating an individualized plan of action. For more information, visit

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