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How To Be Mindful and Present

Posted December 17th, 2018

How to be Mindful and Present 

Stay mindful and present!  Big buzz words, but what do they mean? I want to
share a simple example that has come from my daily practice of the above in
the hopes that it will help others to learn what can be gained by staying in
the present moment.

Prior to integrating mindfulness into my life, I was always thinking ahead,
planning and plotting what would happen next. Worse yet, I was worrying if I
made the right decision yesterday or how I might try to fix some future
problem. I wasn't HERE! I wasn't PRESENT!

My BFF's and I went to see Pink in concert recently, which was awesome and
perhaps one of the best shows I have ever seen. The morning of the show, I
started to think about past concerts and things I might have been doing
during the performance. Part of the time, I was in the moment, but other
times, I was taking photos or videos and posting them on Facebook as they
occurred. I would check my phone several times to see how many "Likes or
Comments" we received. Toward the end of the concert, I started to scan the
crowd and plan our exit strategy so that we could get out of the venue as
quickly as possible. My mind was busy doing other things; I was not PRESENT.

None of this occurred during Pink's recent performance. I stayed completely
in the moment, danced and sang along to her songs with my friends. She
rocked it and I was there, taking it all in and it felt awesome! Of course,
I took a few photos - we all do - but this was not the focal point of my
time at the show. My question to myself now is: When engaged in a special
moment, am I more interested in recording it or living it and actively being
a part of it? My answer is the latter.

This is just one small example of how finding mindfulness has been cathartic
for me. When I am having a special dinner with my family, I am no longer
thinking ahead to what we might do afterwards or how much clean up needs to
be done from the meal that I have cooked. I am PRESENT and actively engaged
in our conversations - this special moment - and this has helped me to find
happiness and tranquility each day.

This is powerful stuff, so much so that I am sharing how it has helped
transform me to my clients and followers, those interested in finding
harmony as well. When I find myself drifting,  worrying  or projecting into
the future, I pull myself back to where I am now, to exactly where my feet
are planted at the moment. 'And I pay attention to the gifts that are right
in front of me, acknowledge and appreciate them. For each person, it is
different. For me, it is special times with my family, my friends, the
laughter, love and being PRESENT. 

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