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Rosie Mankes has a unique way of helping bring to the surface things that I have ignored and accepted for some time in order to help me move forward with my goals. She asks direct, spot-on questions in order to make me gain clarity, become accountable for my actions and help me find the answers with the objective of making me reach higher and go beyond what I thought was achievable. In working with Rosie, I've learned how to make intentional, well thought out choices and have developed a newfound confidence.” Jill C.

Rosie is empathetic, highly professional, and personal, even funny at times. This combination is unique and what I needed when I found myself searching for someone to get me through a confusing, challenging time in my life. She worked as my partner, helping me turn uncertainty into an action plan and helped me to map out a distinct path and move forward with more clarity than I had ever experienced when working with other professionals.” Cheryl. M

I had previously met and spoken with other life coaches in the area of relationships knowing my marriage was going through some major hurdles. In most instances, it boiled down to a lack of proper communication with my spouse, but these professionals never seemed to take a real vested interest in my situation until I met Rosie. Not only did I find the level of caring and understanding that I needed, but Rosie helped guide me to open up more about my feelings and I eventually introduced my husband to her in order for both my spouse and I to benefit from her services. Rosie has a way of gently but firmly encouraging change through action. Somehow over the course of time, with her help, we began to ‘connect the dots’ and are getting to a much better place in our relationship.” - Noreen G.

Rosie is the type of life coach I needed, straight forward, kindhearted and professional. Rosie navigated me through my insecurities and unknowns of my breast cancer journey. She draws from her many life experiences with her insightful suggestions but with careful listening. Many questions to my surgeon were her questions to me, ones I would never think of asking. The sessions provided me with positive reinforcement and direction which enabled me to look forward to a long future. She always left me feeling upbeat and hopeful after every conversation.” Lynn L.