Find Your Joy and

         Run with It™


As a certified professional life coach, I focus on Motivation, Positivity and Empowerment. My mission is to work closely with my clients using proven tools to identify obstacles and discredit limiting beliefs with the ultimate goal of helping you to map a path to the “you” that you have been struggling to be. It is there within you! Let me help YOU to “Find Your Joy and Run with It™

What I do: I help clients to build confidence, set meaningful, achievable goals and work toward gaining their unique, individual power, peace and happiness.

Who I work with: Clients looking to acquire Personal Growth, Health and Wellness, improve Work Performance; tackling Career Obstacles, Achieving Milestones, Finding Joy and Mindfulness in everyday life.

Why it works: We do a full assessment starting with a unique and thought-provoking Personal Discovery Form. This is done to identify key focus areas, which may be hidden behind what you may recognize on the surface, so that we can roll up our sleeves and face each issue head-on.

What makes me different: This is not for everyone. I quickly challenge you to want to be accountable, to closely examine goals, aspirations and obstacles that have been circling in your head but have been unresolved for a long period of time.  If you are interested in breaking this cycle, I will work side-by-side with you to achieve this. Let me help you via our proven system to “Find Your Joy and Run With It!™


What others say: 

Rosie Mankes has a unique way of helping bring to the surface things that I have ignored and accepted for some time in order to help me move forward with my goals. She asks direct, spot-on questions in order to make me gain clarity, become accountable for my actions and help me find the answers with the objective of making me reach higher and go beyond what I thought was achievable. In working with Rosie, I've learned how to make intentional, well thought out choices and have developed a newfound confidence.” - Jill C.


I had previously met and spoken with other life coaches in the area of relationships knowing my marriage was going through some major hurdles. In most instances, it boiled down to a lack of proper communication with my spouse, but these professionals never seemed to take a real vested interest in my situation until I met Rosie. Not only did I find the level of caring and understanding that I needed, but Rosie helped guide me to open up more about my feelings and I eventually introduced my husband to her in order for both my spouse and I to benefit from her services. Rosie has a way of gently but firmly encouraging change through action. Somehow over the course of time, with her help, we began to ‘connect the dots’ and are getting to a much better place in our relationship.” - Noreen G.

Rosie is empathetic, highly professional, and personal, even funny at times. This combination is unique and what I needed when I found myself searching for someone to get me through a confusing, challenging time in my life. She worked as my partner, helping me turn uncertainty into an action plan and helped me to map out a distinct path and move forward with more clarity than I had ever experienced when working with other professionals.” Cheryl. M


How it works: I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation, followed by 1 hour phone or Skype sessions with my clients.


Ready to talk? Call my cell @ 732-672-0237 or email @ [email protected] to schedule your free introductory consultation. Follow on Instagram or Facebook


Personal Growth - Motivation, Inspiration, Transformation, Organization, Productivity

Health & Wellness - Achieving balance, working on weight, building confidence and personal power

Crisis and Conflict Resolution and Stress Management - Discrediting self-limiting beliefs, understanding what the “real you” needs to be happy, relationship coaching, meditation, mindfulness

Empty Nest Syndrome - Finding your new normal, adjusting to change, find a vision for yourself

Caring for an elderly parent - Transitioning from being the child to being more like the parent to your ailing mom or dad, navigating painful changes and loss as you see the day to day changes, allowing yourself to grieve these significant and difficult transitions