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Super excited to share that I recently was a guest on Judy Torres’ podcast. It has already aired- listen now! Listen below:

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Sharing some exciting news related to my book, Find Your Joy & Run With It. Recently, Stand Up To Cancer, the national nonprofit founded by journalist Katie Couric and other influential industry professionals, interviewed me and is featuring my story on their website and other areas this month. Click link to view interview: Rosie Mankes SU2C Story


As a two-time cancer survivor, it is super important to me to align with this amazing nonprofit via my book sales. I am a proud supporter of Stand Up To Cancer. To learn more about my book, click here:

Recently Tom Basile, TV Host of America Right Now on Newsmax interviewed me for his TV show.
Newsmax is one of the fastest growing cable TV news networks with a viewership of 9.6 million. During the interview we discussed my new book, Find Your Joy & Run With It, my personal journey and transformation from adversity to emotional wellness and happiness, how it is helping others, and my support of the amazing nonprofit Stand Up To Cancer via my book sales.  


To view this interview, click this link:
Rosie Mankes Newsmax TV Interview

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